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This is behyond great , love both of them! Buffy the vampire slayer is the best!

Elsa if she had spring powers--she could curse Arendelle with eternal rainstorms and pollen allergies. <-lol

This is Orchid, she is 16 and loves flowers and the color Pink. She has flower powers and can make any land she touches have beautiful flowers. PLEASE ADOPT!

No more moffat!

In which speculates the Doctor jumping to his death. If makes another character jump to their death. - Also, since it's the FALL of the Eleventh, this will likely come true.

Loki and Thor - Brothers Doodles by *Chajiko on deviantART

Loki and Thor - Brothers Doodles by *Chajiko on deviantART. This is funny because I can actually see it happening :D

Elsa Portrait by Maria Amanda on DeviantArt

Funny pictures about Amazing Elsa Cosplay. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing Elsa Cosplay. Also, Amazing Elsa Cosplay photos.

"On a scale of 1 to Sherlock, how obsessive is your fandom?" - Perfectly legitimate question.

On a scale of one to Sherlock Fandom. <--- his face in the last picture never fails to make me laugh for 5 minutes xD