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Suicide Notes: The calm, cool face of the water, asked me for a kiss

The suicide note is written into the novel from a man after losing his wife. But did he commit suicide or was he framed and was it murder?

Is Your Hand Up? Because Mine Is.

Only the eating disorder is what I don't have. Attempted suicide is really close; on the day I was about to kill myself I met another person who cared about me and so I didn't do it.

for once i might look beautiful.

I want this to happen to me. I don't want to be cremated, and I want to have a grave so people can look at it and wish they had spent more time with me rather than taking it for granted. I want people to feel guilty.

:( don't ever think about suicide! If you EVER need anybody to talk to, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE talk to me! I'll just listen to you

One day.just one day. I'm going to get up and walk out of class. And no one will notice. And I'm never going back. << I have done this actually. I walked out of one noticed until I came back.

Praise you in this storm - David Crowder band. #selfharm #scars #lyrics #sad

Praise you in this storm - David Crowder band.