Molasses ginger Cookies

Molasses ginger cookies by Please Pass the Recipe.

flourless chocolate brownie with raspberries

Am I alone in harbouring random vivid food memories beginning from early childhood? I have a vast databank of delicious tastes connected to particular places stored deep within. Today I made a slab…

Oat and Walnut Crackers | Please Pass the Recipe

Oat and Walnut Crackers - We fell head over heels in love with oat crackers while in New Zealand, not traditional Scottish Oatcakes but sassy crunchy crackers with nuts.

macadamia nut meringues

“R” Rated Macadamia Nut Meringues

Amarena Cherry Stuffed Amaretti

Amarena Cherry Stuffed Amaretti

Old Fashioned Ginger Nuts

Old Fashioned Ginger Nuts

Old Fashioned Ginger Nuts - I like em super hard and gingery!

Lady's Kisses

Lady’s Kisses