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Samantha Laguyo

Samantha Laguyo
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messaging 2 promotions in one email, strategic "highlighting" of key information

This is an extremely simple design but so effective. This ad keys in on our brains training to look at the highlighted items in something. The only things that are highlighted are and SALE, now thats strategic marketing.

50 Of The Best Email Marketing Designs We've Ever Seen (And How You Can Create One Just As Good) – Design School

SALE is hard to read because of its distracting pattern, while the above is pleasing because the colors and designs work together


Designs geared towards excess, design with catalogs in mind with colours and arrangement of images.

Tradesy Black Friday email design - Nov. 29, 2013 - "☆ The Biggest Sale of the Year ☆‏" (Also sent this email the day before with the subject line of "Gobble this Sale Up!‏")

Tradesy Black Friday email Subject line: "☆ The Biggest Sale of the Year ☆‏"