Australia Outback Party Food Cupcake Toppers INSTANT by Sassaby

Australia Outback Party Food Cupcake Toppers - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Printable Party/Birthday Decorations by Sassaby Parties

Australia Day Gift Guide: Australia Outback Party Food Cupcake Toppers by SassabyParties

Australian Wattle Craft | The Wattle is Australia's whimsical, stunning national flower. Help your family learn more about their heritage with this cute craft!

Australian Wattle Craft for Kids

Australian Golden Wattle collage art and craft for kids, to learn about Australia's national flower. This would make a great toddler or preschool activity - my year old toddler was able to do all the elements herself.

"Australia Day" cake or a welcome home cake for an aussie

Another yummy looking Australia day cake. liking the bikkies around the outside.

Australia Day Punch! (For the DD's)

Australia Day punch

Australia Day Punch Recipe - A fun non alcoholic drink for the little nippers at your Australian day celebrations.

Koala Cupcakes

Seven poor little un-iced white chocolate mud cupcakes sitting in a container feeling unpretty. What to do? Turn them in to koalas of course! The directions are in the current issue of New Idea mag.

koala cupcake! by blempgorf, via Flickr

KOALA CUPCAKES // if you don't have black food colouring to make the grey - blend several colours together to make the right hue - see my attempt in culinary adventure board

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