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Laura O'Shannassy

The Island Continent / I'm just a boring Aussie girl with a few too many quirks for normalcy - and I like it that way.
Laura O'Shannassy
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Rhysand will always be better than Tamlin. Sorry not sorry.

Rhysand was and always will be an infinite times better than Tamlin. I hate Tamlin so so much! Rhys is my true love 😂💖

Feyre by taratjah

Feyre in Night Court clothes. They're not necessarily straight from the book but inspired by it ^^ Feyre is from the a Court of Thorns and Roses series .

so wonderful, so beautiful! High Lady and High Lord of the Night Court by taratjah

"Feyre and Rhys I love designing night court outfits Characters are from the "a Court of Thorns and Roses" series by Sarah J. Maas" designed by the amazing taratjah on deviantart

rHySaNd !1!1!1 x hey guys it's me, i'm back and gonna actually start posting on here

I need Rowan and Aelin to grow old together I will legit die if either of them die in the next book

I don't agree with because its already been known that Rowan's mate died with his unborn child and I don't think you get a second one, but it's interesting (when you've read empire of storms.

Either way, one of her predictions was correct.  Poor Remus.  Poor Dumbledore.  DIE WORMTAIL.

22 times Tumblers Harry Potter theories blew our minds - some of these are pretty good