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Offensive to think that "God" would do you a favor just for sharing this, when there are kids starving & homeless all over the world that receive ZERO help. Really a disgusting thought that so many "Christians" don't see the hypocrisy in this...

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Est獺 na d繳vida em qual cor de esmalte passar? Que tal esse degrad礙 de cores? Resultado super original!!!! Os melhores esmaltes voc礙 encontra aqui:

little foot, smoking, cake baking, beer loving, caffeine addicted, vegan dancing queen.i spend all my time watching South Park and documentaries about WWII. i teach Zumba fitness and the gym is my second homei also really, really like blunts

Written for our dear reader, Joeann, who lost her husband two years ago. She requested prayer yesterday and the best help I can offer her is just that- prayer. Be blessed!

Ah, The Notebook . When I find a man that argues with me and then kisses me straight after I will stay with him forever 歹