Edinburgh in Midlothian, Midlothian

The area around modern-day Edinburgh has been inhabited for thousands of years. Its origins as a settlement can be traced to the early Middle Ages when a hillfort was established in the area, most likely on the castle rock.

Praha | Prague

Prague fascinated me for the first time when i saw the movie Rockstar i guess! And believe me i share similar wishes from this movie in my wishlist too!

Zagreb | Grad Zagreb in Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia The most amazing meat restaurant! OMG, it'll make any veghead go omnivore!

Genève | Geneva | Genf in Genf

Geneva- the birth place of GatherYoga and the start of our 2014 GatherYoga Swiss Tour Retreat

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

- Endless food vendors, and shops for just about anything you're looking for. Tip: Traffic here is CRAZY. Lanes/crosswalks mean nothing here. Just walk across at a normal pace and drivers will go safely around you. Somehow it works.

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