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A Resident Baby Sloth of: "Aviarios Del Caribe" (A Sloth Sancturary) in Costa Rica. A Baby Sloth Cuddles up With His Teddy Bear.

32 Pictures That Will Make You Say Awwwwwwww

Funny pictures about Baby and grown hedgehog. Oh, and cool pics about Baby and grown hedgehog. Also, Baby and grown hedgehog photos.

Australia Day Spinach Damper Dip, Australia Day Party

Obviously this isn't wildlife but it's still Australia so that's good enough to add in our Party Foods. What a great idea to add dips in!

Marshmallow Storage Rack | 30 Lucrative Occupations For Hedgehogs....NOW I NEED ONE

Humans think you're only good for carrying marshmallows! Disclaimer: I do not advocate the use of hedgehogs as marshmallow holders, but his is funny.

Hedgehogs...don't know why I think they are cute, but they are!

Cute babies!!

could baby platypuses look better in fedoras than even bogart?

Baby Platypus in a fedora? Get out of here - heart MELTS

This has to be the cutest thing ever. “ It is Friday morning. Here is a photo of two baby platypuses wearing fedoras. You’re welcome.

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