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Le Cordon Bleu Australia educates over 2,000 students each year at its Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne & Perth schools in a wide range of programs.CRICOS Provider:

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To welcome the year of the rooster for Lunar New Year on 28th January, the team of Le Cordon Bleu Chefs propose an original and tasty recipe.

Mackerel is a rich, oily fish that stands up well to the pronounced Asian flavours in this dish. Here the mackerel is served with ginger and spring onion spiced, shiitake and tofu gyoza and finished with fresh crisp apple and garnished with apple blossom.

Our Head Pâtisserie Master Chef Julie Walsh has recreated a classic chocolate mousse, using less fattening ingredients for the more health-conscious festive cook. Reducing the sugar content, and substituting egg yolks for egg whites means you can enjoy your Christmas this year without having to count calories.

To celebrate Christmas, Le Cordon Bleu Chefs suggest this lemon Yule log.

This surprising dish combines various flavours; the sweetness of scallops, the acidity of passion fruit, and a refreshing twist from the fennel, avocado and pomegranate salad. A sesame tuile provides a crunchy texture.

To celebrate Thanksgiving, Le Cordon Bleu Chefs suggest this elegant soup with autumn notes to ease into winter.

Le Cordon Bleu Chefs decided to surprise all pastry connoisseurs with an original and technical recipe to celebrate the International Chef's Day: Coffee fusion.

These soft creamy sweetbreads are encased in a curried crumb and served with a trace of split pea purée, roasted chestnuts, and garlic and thyme pan fried ceps.

Le Cordon Bleu Paris Chefs suggest an elegant and refreshing peach flavoured dessert for a change of seasons. A ray of sunshine on your plate.

This tart base uses polenta which keeps it very short with a crunchy texture. The use of marmite creates an intense savoury flavour which contrasts the sweet onion and heritage tomato topping