Rock, Paper, Scissor Probability

Rock, Paper, Scissor Probability

Great way to show the students probability and the classroom can be opened with a Rock, Paper, Scissor challenge for fun and to get the students wondering what they will be learning that day.

Possible or Impossible Sentence Sort with 32 fun and silly sentences for kids to sort. Great for introducing probability!! Or a fun vocabulary lesson or just for fun reading practice! You can also cut the pictures and sentences apart and have kids match them together as great fun reading practice!

Probability Math Center: Possible or Impossible Sentence Sort

Probability: probability fun with this "Possible" or "Impossible" Sentence Sort! Fun probability literacy station where students sort 32 illustrated sentences

Probability math stations and worksheets for younger kids

Probability MEGA Pack of Math Stations Worksheets and Activities

Probability math stations and worksheets for younger kids Data and Probability standard: Select and use appropriate statistical methods to analyze data.

Great lesson to teach on Chance & probability using M's

This activity helps students collect, organize, and display data. Using M&M's, students sort objects by color and graph the data on a bar graph.

Ice-Cream Maths Lesson - Collecting and Displaying Data - Australian Curriculum Lessons

Mövenpick -Swiss Ice Cream is the best in the whole entire world! I want to live there and eat ice cream for the rest of my life

These activities have been designed specifically for Year 3 students according to the Australian Curriculum guidelines. However, they can be adapted to meet ot…

Ideas for teaching chance, data and interpretation of data by Joanne Villis via slideshare

Guess what? You get gross, stinking, revolting drinks in The Vile Vendor - Mathematics (3)

Unlikely? Get seriously foul, gross drinks in The Vile Vendor - Mathematics (Years

Mixed-Up Maths

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