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Middle School Teacher Blog: Some of the Best Things in Life are Mistakes: Back to School!

Interactive Science Notebook Bulletin Board and so much more. Pics of science classroom and science organization.

It’s the second Monday of the month which means it’s time for Monday Made It! Over winter break I redecorated... read more

Printable syllable rules poster for your classroom

Learning About Prefixes and Suffixes ~ FREE Learning Pack with 10+ Activities | This Reading Mama

Learning About Prefixes and Suffixes {FREE Learning Pack} - This Reading Mama

Strategies for Reading Longer Words - classroom wall set - This Reading Mama

Strategies for Reading Longer Words - classroom wall set - This Reading Mama FREEBIE. I would add something about context clues.

Dividing Syllables - Open and Closed Syllables with "Cut the Cheese" Cards - This Reading Mama

Are you working on dividing syllables, specifically with open and closed syllables? Your learners won’t be able to resist these “cut the cheese” syllable cards from my 6 Syllable Types Interactive Pag

These go well with Phonics Blitz/Boost. The Classroom Key: Kid-Friendly Syllable Rules

Honestly, I don’t ever remember learning syllable rules when I was in school, and amazingly enough I still learned how to read. When I first started hearing about syllable rules Continue Reading >>>

Could have each student pick a four digit number. They put their number on the post it so other students do not know which color they are on.

red light green light- I like this idea maybe in a folder- this seems too "public"

Love this! Emoji Lesson Scale Students leave a post-it note next to a number/face to rate their understanding as they leave class. Great way to encourage self-reflection! (image only)

Emoji Lesson Scale - use emojis and let students choose them. velcro to interchange for activity

How to display Marzano learning goals and scales

How to display Marzano learning goals and scales. Tracking student progress on current scales

What a great way for students to showcase their thinking.  Use this bulletin board for any content area.  Have students change it up all year long!

Create a wonder wall for students to update or add their thinking. Students add their "I wonder." question before a unit & what they learned at the end of the unit. It will give students a visual of what their studying has accomplished.