Lusiana Eleele-Piliae

Lusiana Eleele-Piliae

Lusiana Eleele-Piliae
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Tattoo clock dove roses taschenuhr rosen taube wunderschön wonderful

Antique coloured/styled roaes aroind antique mirror with koala teddy in mirror reflection. No bird.

I love this girly sleeve tattoos

Most cultures all beyond the world have tattoos creature an appearance. Some of it artwork has been ended approaching the subject of the s.

PapiRouge - Tattoo Zeichnungen I don't want the clock thingy in the middle lol and the beads I want turned into a rosary. Idk what I want in the middle but something to do with my granny

Thigh tattoo

"Alice in Wonderland" <--gives me an idea. flowery thigh tattoo, but AIW themed clock for papa and lillies for grandma