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Cyber Insurance...

Cyber Insurance...

underabove is a floating camera that takes two photos at once - one photo above water and one underwater.

For Scenes Above And Below The Sea Level: UNDERABOVE is a dual-lens buoy-style camera that can take pictures of the underwater happenings and above the water happening, at the same time. Designer: In Kyung Han

google's smart contact lens project helps control diabetes

Smart contact lenses for diabetics to measure sugar levels in tears! Diabetics or diabetes patients need to check their glucose levels frequently, that involves painful pricking of a finger to do a blood test.

The HoverBar lets your iPad 2 hang in the air right alongside your Mac

Best Buy Ipad Stand With Stylish Twelve South HoverBar Adjustable Arm For Best Buy Ipad Air Stand


How to organize your creative ideas and make something out of them

iBGStar turns your iPhone into an FDA-approved glucose meter forĀ $99.95: "The IBGStar uses disposable test strips to take blood samples, similar to many other glucose meters. After a few readings have been recorded, the Manager app analyzes the data and gives a readout of statistics, graphs, and trends so that users can make educated decisions about their treatments."

iBGStar is an iPhone accessories that can help you to monitor your blood sugar levels. This tool has received recognition from FDA (Food Drugs Association) so it seems this tool is quite helpful especially for those of you who have diabetes problems.