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Roasted Nacho Potatoes - these potatoes are AMAZING! If you're looking for a kid-friendly vegetarian dinner, this is it!

Colorful ants

Science experiment. With sugar and water to see what colors ants prefer. Also, look at their bellies to see what color of sugar water they are drinking.

States of Matter Science Activities

I didn't want to pay for it so I just made one of my own. LOVE THE SONG! MB :) Matter song

Atoms & Molecules: 10 Fun ways to learn

10 fun ways to learn about atoms and molecules for kids - with simple instructions to build a model atom as a building block for learning.

Experiment ~ Can You Undo Water Pollution? In this experiment the kids learn just how hard it is to undo water pollution.

Hands-on Science: What is blood made of

Hands on Science: What is blood made of? _ I know Hope is too young right now, but how cool for when she is. :)

Science demo: cloud in a jar (water, jar w/ lid, ice, match)--let older students light the matches (worked well, repeatable, need warm water).