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Here Are The 11 Best Daryl Dixon Quotes

The 11 Best Daryl Dixon Quotes In Honor Of Norman Reedus' Birthday The time he reflected on his past

Walking Dead | You're going to be the last man standing

Rule #1 in not getting your jugular bitten out: don't threaten a child in front of its parent. Not a good idea. At all.


This just made me laugh so hard! I'm a huge fan of the walking dead and especially of Darryl! But this is hilarious!

I love Zombies. likes · talking about this. If you love anything to do with zombies this is the page for you!

(Top) One of the first Charms learned by first-year Hogwarts students; (bottom) the three Unforgivable Curses (their use results in a life sentence in Azkaban).

Food fights and cuddling in posters for The Lonely Shining Goblin » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps