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living cells magnified

This fractal, Cells Alive, is a winner at “Benoît Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest It will show in “International Congress of Mathematicians Hyderabad, India. Click in the fractal to see it with more resolution.

Purkinje nerve cells in the cerebellum

Triple fluorescent labeled section; Purkinje neurons are labeled green, the glia are labeled blue and cell nuclei are labeled red.

butterfly egg

Zebra longwing butterfly egg (Heliconius charithonia) - The egg contains cyanide and other toxins ingested by adults from the plants they eat. By Martin Oeggerli

Butterfly eggs

and textures Photograph by Martin Oeggerli Large white butterfly egg Pieris brassicae The yellow eggs of the large white butterfly are laid in clumps on the undersides of cabbage leaves (above) and brussels sprouts.

butterfly egg

Fractal patterning in a Small white butterfly egg. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of an egg of the small white butterfly (Pieris rapae).

Butterfly egg

David Millard Austin, Texas, USA Subject Matter: Vanessa atalanta (Red admiral butterfly) egg in Urtica dioica (Stinging nettle) trichomes Technique: Diffuse Incident Illumination

Tiny carnivorous wonders

A composite image showing a collection of single-cell fresh water algae, desmids/Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition


This simple, yet striking series, titled Legends, is the work of Brooklyn based artist/illustrator William Hatch Crosby.