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Hobi, you're not in charge of anything anymore. #JHope #BTS

Honestly Hobi I agree I wonder what would have happened if Hoseok = leader?

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This gets me every time. I have a private art journal, and when I bring it into public places people always want to see. When I say it's private they get upset and use the puppy dog eyes or just take it from my hands.

4-Panel Life :: AIR HOCKEY | Tapastic - image 1

I love air hockey . If I ever have the space and room to put a table in where nothing is breakable, I'm so buying one. (*cough* My air hockey games get dangerous.

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how did she fit all that hair! Do you fucking understand how hard it is to do that!

Hahahahah. Except. No one pays attention to me. Hey. my favorite pinterest person blocked me for no reason! (Q^Q)

I’m really surprised by how many people like my comics, and are so supportive in me making them, it’s really encouraging, so I plan to continue making them and hope you all continue to enjoy them!