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Teen Wolf

"I think [Scott] might be on meth.and Stiles is his drug dealer" Wolf -- love sheriff Stilinski, "my son is hot" yes, yes he is lol

#TeenWolf Season 5B Episode 11 "The Last Chimera"

"You killed my best friend." "Let's be honest, Stiles. Is he really your best friend?

Teen Wolf

I have been wrestling with this - on one side I have loved seeing Dylan's amazing acting as Void Stiles BUT on the other side, I feel like he cannot ever go back to the innocent guy he once was.


Me when these little boys were debating whether icecream was a solid or liquid and they concluded it was liquid.

Sounds about right, mom always gets mad when I do that

I litterally did this tonight at the dinner table because we had just listened to the song and my mom said, "Let's get down the bussines" (Tidying) I shouted, "TO DEFEAT THE HUNS!