We aim to have veggies at every meal and we even add them into desserts like in these Sweet Potato Brownies.

Sweet Potato Brownies

I Quit Sugar - Sweet Potato Brownies Must try - sub stevia instead of rice malt syrup + oven min

Summer and smoothies are a perfect match, but an order from Boost can pack up to 22 teaspoons of sugar! Here are 20 alternatives for low-sugar smoothies.

20 healthy, low-sugar smoothies that are better than a Boost

I Quit Sugar: Nut-Ella Crunch Bark recipe

Nut-Ella Crunch Bark

I Quit Sugar: Nut-Ella Crunch Bark recipe, need to cook this healthy treat

I Quit Sugar - Meet the Zmoothie: a green smoothie made with zucchini!

Zucchini Bread Thickie

Kale who? The humble zucchini is the best green smoothie ingredient you’ve never had. Try it out with this yummy recipe from I Quit Sugar: Simplicious.

Eggy Muggin

Eggy Muggin

Dairy free option: Omit Parmesan or replace with nutritional yeast flakes. This is the perfect recipe to use up your leftovers. If you have leftover roast


Bolognese Style Mushroom Ragu

Ham and Cheese Cauliflower Pizza

Ham and Cheese Cauliflower Pizza

The I Quit Sugar Kids Cookbook features sugar free recipes. Find out which recipes are the IQS Team's fave and why.


Retro Sloppy Joes

I Quit Sugar: Chicken Caesar Salad recipe

Cheat's Chicken Caesar Salad

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It’s here! The I Quit Sugar Kids Cookbook. Today. Like now. A quick note: your enthusiastic feedback to me as I’ve shared the “making of” sneak peeks has been very much appreciated along the way. Just

My favourite recipe from the I Quit Sugar kids Cookbook

Ham and cheese cauliflower pizza - Sarah Wilson's favourite recipe from her 'I Quit Sugar Kids Cookbook' - uses cauliflower as a base instead of regular pizza bases.

Winning recipe that the kids and adults like will love!  Mexican Fish Tacos by I Quit Sugar

Mexican Fish Tacos

I Quit Sugar recipe: Mexican Fish Tacos, super fast to make

These Fishcakes from Michael Moore are a delicious way to pack in some good fishy fats into your diet. Michael's crusted these delicious morsels in quinoa flakes to give a similar crispiness to bread crumbs, only more nutritious.

Quinoa Crusted Fishcakes

This Raspberry Ripple is one of I Quit Sugar's most popular sugar-free recipes.

Raspberry Ripple