Melbourne Chinatown

Chinatown // Melbourne // Australia Melbourne’s own slice of China is a hub for the local Chinese community, and is the focus for Chinese New Year celebrations and other festivities.

Shot Tower, Melbourne Central  Melbourne, Australia

Shot Tower, Melbourne Central - This is a heritage listed building that a cone shaped dome was built around in order to preserve it. Melbourne, Australia, 2006 Miss working in Melbourne Central!

Beautiful early winter day in Melbourne, Australia

Australia on

Beautiful early winter day in Melbourne, Australia. Looks like heaven on earth!

Melbourne Laneway ~ by Wanlapa Tantiprasongchai

Melbourne Laneway / Alley / Street Photography / Fine Art / Melbourne City Australia / People in the City

Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

The walk way is made up of individual sandstone blocks, each with its own unique colours and patterns. They look even better after it has been raining.

Federation Square, Melbourne, by LAB Architecture

Federation Square, Melbourne, by LAB Architecture. Definitely not my style.

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