Leucophyta brownii - silver cushion bush. Australian native.

Leucophyta brownii, the silver cushion bush. an Australian native and excellent drought-resistant ground cover

Lomandra seascape -          A soft looking plant, but very ,very tough,   75cm…

lomandra "Tanika" native plant - To be planted in mass around front path and area of front garden near accaccias to constrast leaf shape,texture and differing shades of green, For Gillett Drive

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Iike the balls of cushion bush. Could be good contrast to greener native grasses in centre garden bed

Hardenbergia violacea (Happy wanderer). Australian native climber. Vigorous…

Vigorous climbing habit, useful plant for covering pergolas, trellises and fences or used as a spreading ground cover. Its leaves are glossy green in colour and the flowers are a rich viol

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Woodside, CA - traditional - landscape - San Francisco - Keith Willig Landscape Services, Inc. This is what I call half & half: half of it is hardscaped & xeriscaped, the other half is not.

Banksia 'Cherry Candles' in my garden, planted 8 years ago, photo by Karlo…

Banksia Cherry Candles in my garden, planted 8 years ago, photo by Karlo Taliana

Westringia practically defines versatility. This Australian native has so many…

Deck bench, metal bench support posts attached to deck; or use taller metal supports for a bar, fence posts with base flange (upside down - flange holds bar top), landscaping, deck design

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