Oven roasted potatoes topped with Tuscan style pesto from Your Inspiration at Home

Warm Artichoke Cobb Loaf - I'd actually use the Herb & Garlic Dip Mix in this one to give it a garlicky punch

Ingredients 1 Puff pastry sheet 450 gs Canned red salmon Or salmon steak grilled and tbsp.s YIAH Wasabi and Chive Dip Mix As little or as much as you gs Mascarpone cheese Add mayonnaise if Egg wash and poppy seeds Directions …

Your Inspiration at Home Key Lime Prawns. This dish was inspired by Coconut Prawns. but much better and soooo easy and delicious! Our Key Lime Dukkah has a great lime punch and the subtle flavours of coconut.

Cranberry Mojito Muffins using Your Inspiration at Home flavored Mojito Sugar.

Beef Stroganoff - version No sour cream. Philly cream for cooking is used in this recipe instead.