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Here I am! It's been a bit of a difficult summer with the grand finale of spending a week in the hospital. But life is that way some times, I'm on the mend and I had finally written the Waffle Blanket Pattern before I got sick. So here it is! CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO DOWNLOAD I loved making this blanket and it really went quite fast with the chunky yarn. The honeycomb stitch makes for a squishy, light texture and is fun to work. Just click on the picture to download the pattern! And as usual…
You might even find yourself on the next episode of <i>Chopped.</i>
You might even find yourself on the next episode of <i>Chopped.</i>
You might think I have an obsession with eggs after this post, this post,  and this post. Can you really blame me? It is the simplest and most  versatile thing in the kitchen! This may be old news to you, but you can  actually make perfectly basted eggs at home...not fried...but gorgeously  basted over-easy, over-medium, or sunny side up. Without frying. That's  just too good not to share.  Perfectly Basted Egg  Step 1: Start with fresh eggs. Make one or two at a time.  Step 2: Spray…
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