It's nearing the end of term 3 here in Western Australia so our thoughts are turning to updating our portfolios with this term's work. Over the years we have modified our portfolio to make it less time consuming to put together and more informative for parents. We use an A3 plastic sleeve display book to put the children's work in. It has a pocket on the cover so that we can include a page there. We put a picture of the child on the cover. This helps to identify which child the portfolio ...

Reporting to Parents using the EYLF :: Lessons from a Teacher. Australian system possibility separate from VPK . Some interesting concepts to incorporate into basic format using now in CV

"The audit trail is a great way to document the process of our thinking and learning as it unravels."

Students revisit documentation and add to our audit trail: Rabbit Road. Rabbit Road, our audit trail that documents the proces.

Reflection is an essential part of growing as a teacher. Here are 27 ways to reflect on your teaching.

REFLECTIVE PRACTICE- ARE YOU DOING IT? Reflective practice occurs when teachers step back and evaluate the learning environment. The teacher looks at himself or herself and asks, “How can this be better?

Wonder Wall

A wonder wall - have student add their wonders before a unit and what they learned at the end of the unit. I like this as a way to build student ownership of learning.

Mummy Musings and Mayhem: Working with the Framework Learning Outcomes - Part 1 LINKING

Working with the Framework Learning Outcomes - Part 1 LINKING

Can we have a little chat for a moment about linking the early years learning framework (ELYF) outcomes and your programming cycle? Because from what I can see this topic is causing educators an aw.