Sarah Wilson's blog is filled with #inspirational posts that include everything from healthy eating tips to how to live a happier life. I cannot wait for her e-book to come out!

I'm super seriously considering going with a gluten- and sugar-free lifestyle. I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson


How Sarah swerves the sweet stuff every single day

Quitting sugar may seem like an unachievable task to many, but scroll through Sarah's week on a plate - I Quit "I'm trying to Pin it to win it! To quarantine a spot o the next I Quit sugar Program, CLICK THIS IMAGE"

Our recipe for Healthy Bounty Bars are a great sugar-free treat.

Healthy Bounty Bars

Coconut Truffles - I Quit Sugar

Coconut Truffles

These coconut truffles are an I Quit Sugar delight! Easy to make and even quicker to eat. Coconut is definitely a favourite of mine

#Fructosefree Caramel Slice - I Quit Sugar We have kept this recipe to ourselves for too long. You only need a tiny amount of this delicious treat.

Caramel Slice

Sugar-free caramel slice- gluten free, butter can be substituted for dairy free.

I just gave up sugar a few weeks ago and blogged about how you can do it too!! It's SO worth it! Check this out before you try to give up sugar!

Need a reason to cut back on sweets? Check out this infographic, which shows the ways sugar affects your body.