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Our Little Blog is where we'll be sharing an in-depth insight of our unique interior styling knowledge
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Spruce Up Your Home For Summer. Hot weather has finally arrived in Sydney; BBQ’s are being dusted off and swimmers are emerging out of the back of wardrobes. It’s that time of year to shed some layers and take time to relax against the backdrop of a hot summer evening.

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We all know that our surroundings play a big part in how productive we are in that particular space. For example, if we go to work in an office that is bland, cluttered or messy we don’t feel motivated to work and our productivity will take a turn for the worse. Instead, workspaces, whether they are in the comfort of your own home or in an office within a skyscraper, should motivate and inspire you.

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Artwork in Bathrooms. When adding design elements to your home, a lot of time will usually be spent considering the kitchen, the bedroom, and the lounge area. These are all important and special places and are well deserving of this attention. However, in this process, there is a section of the house that you may be forgetting: The bathroom.

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Very Merry Styling Tips. It’s that time of year again. Shopping centres have been hanging tinsel and playing Christmas tunes since November, yet you are in denial about what month it actually is. It’s December, and the silly season is upon us!

Creating Individuality In Your Home. They say home is where the heart is, so why not put your heart and soul into the design of your home?

Why Vertical Gardens are the Modern-day Must Have. Vertical gardens are all the rage these days. By mixing the organic with the busy and modern style of city life, these upright patches of green beauty are the go-to for revamping a boring or unused space.

Relax. Are you looking to take time out of your busy schedule to relax and unwind? A haven awaits you in an unexpected space, tucked away in the least obvious of places: the corner of a room.