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Pumpkin Zucchini and Mint Couscous - introducing herbs early is great for developing good little eaters #onehandedcooks

CHICKEN SWEET POTATO & SPINACH PUREE: A delightful puree that is packed full of goodness for your baby. #onehandedcooks

{NEW} 1 MEAL 3 WAYS: Our very popular one meal, three ways recipes (as seen in our mags) have proven to be a hit with parents everywhere. Want to save time and money by cooking one meal for the whole family? Read on >> #baby #toddler #family #1meal3ways #onehandedcooks

BABY RECIPE: Peachy chicken and rice is a lovely recipe to introduce chicken to your baby. The sweetness of the peach should be a hit, and they are now in season so they are juicy and delicious #onehandedcooks

{NEW} LENTIL & RED VEGGIE PUREE: Lentils are a fabulous way to add protein and extra fibre to your baby’s vegetable purees. #onehandedcooks

NEW RECIPE: Our Fruit Oat and Chia Mini Chews are the perfect sweet finger food for your baby. Full of goodness from fresh fruit, oats and chia seeds, they are melt-in-the-mouth #onehandedcooks

CHICKEN, BEETROOT & BROCCOLI: Babies love the sweetness of beetroot. So much so they will probably gobble this up so fast you won't even need to worry about any pretty pink food stains #onehandedcooks

CHICKEN PEAR & APRICOT PUREE: A very simple yet sweet mixed puree for your baby. Once accepted you can blend less and add textures such as quinoa or brown rice. #onehandedcooks #puree #babyfood