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One thousand words cant describe this picture...

THIS MAE has his priorities in order.why couldnt those girls be wearing school girl outfits? I love asian school girl pics priorities Pokemon vagina Porn lolz The Game haha pff Chuck Norris niggers rage guy henta

Forrest Gump Cosplay? -

Funny pictures about They Just Felt Like Running. Oh, and cool pics about They Just Felt Like Running. Also, They Just Felt Like Running photos.

Cat calls for help -

Wait there Ill send help! Cobalt does this when I'm in the shower

Great way to sell old books -

Post with 5783 votes and 1333435 views. Was browsing an auction listing online and had a good chuckle at the book arrangement.

Not the sharpest tool in the shed -

"Cooks Slowly," as the issue on a slow cooker returned as damaged item.

Dog caught stealing -

17 dogs who had no idea you would be home so soon: "I just.heard your phone ring?" His facial expression is so funny!

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Funny Demotivational: Wtf is this guy thinking?

Here's a look at the Top 10 Scuba demotivational posters that'll make you crack a smile.

Funny video: Never say no to Panda!

Late for work - Funny Short Videos

The look on this kids face.. priceless

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