skinnymixer's Butter Chicken

skinnymixer’s Butter Chicken Ingredients 700 g chicken breast, diced 150 g cashews or almonds, raw 300 g cream 50 g raw honey Bunch of chopped coriander Marinade:- ½ tbsp salt ¼-½ tsp chilli powder 1 tbsp garam masala 1 tsp tandoori colouring OR ¼ tsp red

Chicken Wonton Soup

Chicken Wonton Soup Chicken Thigh Fillets 1 egg Bunch of Wombok 1 shallot…

Peri Peri Chicken

peri peri chicken … I truly believe this is one of the best tasting recipes I have ever developed. It is perfect for those who.

How to steam and shred chicken for lunch boxes

Poached Chicken

Chicken parmigiana

I love a good parmie, but every time I order one, I end up terribly sick 🙁 So I gave up my love for oversized parmies many years ago. Every time I go to the pub and order one, I end up begging M to never let me do it again, so you can imagine.

Chicken a la King (Simple Meal Sunday)

skinnymixer's Chicken à la King for Simple Meal Sunday - skinnymixers

Moroccan chicken

Skinnymixers Moroccan Chicken Thermomix - So here we have my interpretation of a Moroccan classic – chicken and preserved lemon, with green olives to keep.