A pintrest thing to document my 12 month world tour 2015 - 2016
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New home up on the bookcase... with staypuft and cthulhu
unboxed a new friend last night... junior's BIG brother...
Flying back to sydney from a brief trip to wagga where my lovely fiance Isabel will be doing a week on campus at her uni
I love it when a foodie experiment takes my fancy AND pays off with deliciousness... presenting my chicken laksa with chicken mcnuggets!
Good morning Ingleburn...
2 new editions to the family 😆
Then straight from her work to an italian place in Sydney... dressed up fancy. She expected it there... didnt happen.  Got home, set the lights up and the ring in Falcors hands... gave her the book i made of her life to read which ends with me asking her to marry me (kept that bit sealed for now) and blank pages for the future... took her outside and did the proposal in Portuguese!  BOOM!
Ok so... the plan began in January when i stumbled on the perfect ring and i kept all this a secret till a few nights ago. I built my own light installation as i waited home from work for bathroom reno stuff 2b delivered.  Her favourite film is NEVERENDING STORY and she always wanted a Falcor the luck dragon... which doesnt exist. I found a pattern on etsy and got it made for her ...string under the rain clouds (built in honor of our 1st nye together when it stormed and we da
Took me 2 hours to set up... but worth it. Perfect proposal... and she said yes! More pics tomorrow peeps
1st breakky outside at our new house!