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But sometimes to some people it is worth it and that's ok that it a wish of the few cause we know how these arguments are true

I have 3 wonderful kids in this broken economy and messed up situation of a world, but wouldn't change anything if given the chance.

Wish this would happen to me lol

When you hanging with the guy friends but you're actually the every time XD

Charlie Weasley

I just stay in my room all day, avoiding people. My asexual nature strikes again! (But I will have to leave my room eventually for more books.


"But I'm fat." Fat is legit necessary for survival. It cushions muscle and flesh and legit a need for humans. If you're fat, you're healthy.

Asexual and Aromantic Positivity : Photo

Don't fashion me into a maiden that needs saving from a dragon. I am the dragon, and I will eat you whole.

It is an actual thing go follow

XD<<Can we have this? It would be awesome if John Barrowman could do cameos!<< I ship it.

what if they actually were trying to do stuff for each other but accidentally did it for the chick every single time?

"A fantasy novel where there is a love triangle but the girl then realizes she is asexual and the two boys fall for eachother" they were trying to out do eachother to impress one another

the ace and the incubus >>> Normally this would go on my art board but this is too perfect a story!!

the ace and the incubus. asexual and incubus. Asexual and lust demons.