For the Love of Art: 3rd Grade: Australian Dot Painting

Pretty simple project, and students get really into it! First we talk a little about the history of Australian dreamtime painting and Abor.

Aboriginal Dreamtime - Aboriginal Symbols

Art symbols that Aboriginal artists paint to tell the stories of their history and culture, from Aboriginal Dreamtime. Help kids learn how to read an Aboriginal painting, and they might like to try making a painting of their own.

Aboriginal Symbol Stones

Aboriginal Symbol Stones

This is a great art idea for NAIDOC week which uses Aboriginal symbols to create rock art which tells a story.

NAIDOC Week Pack

Indigenous Australians, NAIDOC, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Pack

NAIDOC Week Pack of 45 pages for Preschool to Year 6 with timeline cards, language group map, games, writing prompts and more.

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