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We put love into your home. This is what we do. This is what we have. This is what we preach: It's Not A Damn Beanbag!
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BIGONE: Got more love than anyone else to give? Perhaps you live a life of luxury and excess? This sac is for you. Entertain at evenings by placing people all around it, get the family together to watch your favourite show, or plonk yourself in the middle and be transported. The Big One will be a permanent fixture in your home; an icon in any space. Be careful not to lose yourself in The Big One for too long or you may never come back!

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TUBESAC: Tired of having your body totally relaxed and still having to hold your head up? These sausage like cylindrical sacs are perfect as neck rollers or even a portable pillow for travel.

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SUPERSAC: Done with lounges all together? Sofa giving you a hard time? Leave it on the curb and invest in a Supersac. These bad boys are meant to fill that emptiness. Suitable for large living areas, rumpus or cinema rooms the Supersac can cater for up three adults. Or if you prefer the extra elbow room, create an unmatchable two seater. It’s size and structure is such that it creates the perfect union between support and softness in a loving embrace (tempting, we know).

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PLAYERSAC: Planning for a new addition to the family? Look no further. The Playersac is ideal for those with large ideas and little space. It has the same dimensions as the Gamesac, however round in shape, allowing the sitter to recline a little more or curl the legs up to roost. Put it in the sun room and spoil yourself.

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PILLOWSAC: Want to be cradled? Strap yourself in and lean back. The Pillowsac offers full supportive comfort. Ideal for business green rooms, household corners, studies, or play rooms. The Pillowsac can be laid flat to lie on in front of the TV or be folded in half and placed against a wall to create low lying two seater for extra seating at parties. Additionally, it can be tipped on it’s side and sat in at an angle to surround the whole body for all your individual needs.

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KIDSAC: Why don’t they sit still? They haven’t anywhere to relax! The Kidsac is suitable for smaller peeps and smaller areas like bedrooms, or corners. But don’t be fooled, the Kidsac is named so because it is the smallest in our range, not because it’s just for kids!

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