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GoBoiano - 23 Insanely Dark Anime and Manga Meant for Children

Maes Hughes by D_Good

I literally just broke down in tears! This makes me so sad and happy and the same time /sobs ugly tears

Waiting for the Bus anime crossover shirt from TeeTurtle. Go away to visit all your neighbors in their castles!

Gravity falls

Dipper did bump into Wendy there, he was just pulled away faster. You can tell in "Into the Bunker" by how he looks at Wendy after it.

Reverse Gravity Falls | Tumblr

Reverse Pines: Gravity Falls AU where Mabel and Dipper are the bad guys, and Pacifica and Gideon are the good guys. O_o===> That would be madness

Reverse Gravity Falls | Tumblr

Reverse Gravity Falls what happen to the perfect twins?

Reverse gravity falls.

If someone could explain reverse Gravity Falls to me that would be spectacular. Oh, and reverse Dipper looks like Artemis Fowl.