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Wenla Fenneindwor, inhabitant of Gedrimu, gets sad at her friends feast as she realise that the one she loves already has found another one.

Cave of the forgotten Books by racoonart

one day ill build smth like this Racoonart aka Martin Geupel (Germany) - Cave Of The Forgotten Books, 2014 Digital Arts

Spitfire: O tutorial sofredor cosplay. - Homestuck Cosplay Tutoriais

jimfaindel: saywhiplash: By Elanor Pam. This is some really quality art Wow. Not clever comments nor sassy remarks here.

Punishement of sins : Envy by Gaël Giudicelli

Punishement of sins : Envy, Gaël Giudicelli on ArtStation

Half-Orc from "Bastards of Golarion"

Female half-Orc pit fighter - not a favorite of mine, but not many fierce orc-women around, so I guess she'll do