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The 20 Toy Rule: How we decluttered our playroom and simplified our life.

This is absolutely genius if you have kids! My kids have waaaaaaay to many toys & it's slowly killing me inside so narrowing it down to 20 a piece sounds great! The 20 Toy Rule: How we Decluttered our Playroom & Simplified Our Life

Kids Room Decor

Looking for more inspiration for color in your child's space? We've got you covered with kids' rooms from across the web (many, not surprisingly, in Europe) that use color in fun and creative ways.

girl room paint ideas

girl room paint ideas

'Monday Made It! First Time Trying Spray Paint...!' (via Pinkadots Elementary)

I love spray painting things. Someone was JUST asking about painting plastic crates. Monday Made it! First time trying spray paint! Tips to help you become a pro at spray painting plastic.