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25 Eye-Catching DIY Trellis Ideas For Your Garden - The ART in LIFE

A garden trellis is an excellent way to support plants and flowers while adding structure and decorative flair to your landscape.

Texas: Simple Ideas for Design

Trellis effect with ivy. This looks like wire, run through eye hooks at the junctions, with already mature vines growing up the wires.

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So many trellises, so little time. Space saving trellises help climbers have a place to go, but keep them off the wall.

DIY Wood Lattice Trellis .

DIY Wood Lattice Trellis .

How to: inexpensive garden trellis | The New Home Economics

I just want a simple trellis like this for my hollyhocks and I will paint the wood the same green color as our siding. Maybe make it a little longer to fill the space better.

DIY Chevron Lattice Trellis With Tutorial.

DIY Chevron Lattice Trellis With Tutorial.

Planter Boxes with Climbing Trellis

PLANTER BOXES Sturdy and durable planter boxes with lining to retain soil and plants. If you are planning to place potted plants inside we can leave