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Image of Xrev Freebies

Image of Xrev Freebies

Edit Revit Shared Parameters in the Cloud using Google Sheets Add-On

I have posted about SP.Writer before, but this is the next iteration: BIMsets Cloud Writer . UPDATE: if you want to update to the latest .

Quickly Fix Duplicate Mark Warnings, and Make Element ID or Element GUID available in Schedules or Tags

For some projects, Revit Warnings become a metric in model audit processes (this may be regardless of how much impact those warnings may hav.

Automatically Visualize Your Revit Model by Parameter Values with Color Splasher

BIM One have released a new automatic color filter addin for Revit. It is very simple to use, and its free: Install the addin using th.

dp Stuff Utilities and Randomizer updated for Revit 2015

dp Stuff have updated their very cool Revit addins to work with Revit and happily I have three prizes to giveaway: Free Revit Utils.

Visual Styles to Entourage content in any View in Revit

Apply Visual Styles to Entourage content in any View in Revit? Apply Here for Special Beta Opportunity.

Includes free Windows Explorer context menu that lists Revit version

Free Explorer Extension that lists Revit version and Worksharing information for RVT and RFA files