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I know who this is......

haha----sorry about the bad word but oh my gosh I can so relate to this. My brain will not shut up.

Why Have You Betrayed My Tiny Trust? Poor little guy! Sad, but adorable at the same time lol

Google Knows What's Up

One does not simply walk into Mordor. I tried it and it worked!

run zombie, run!.... i will keep this in mind haha

Without a generator those treadmills would be useless. Grr arg Zombie Apocalypse Preparation level: genius Without a generator those treadmills would be useless

The essence of a woman-hahahaha

Poor men, no matter how often we warn them, they just don't get it. Haha this is so me!

Just lauged out loud at work at this

god must have made you with his left hand.on a monday.with a hangover. hahah too funny


Why is it called "beauty sleep" when you wake up looking like a troll. Lol so true