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@Cheyenne Hernandez Hernandez Hernandez Hernandez Weiser we are so totally singing this during basketball season.

i'm gonna take a wild guess and say there's probably 500000000 other parodies of this song out there.

RT @NBAMemes: The first one…

Totally my boy friend he is on the soccer fields dabbing and going la brawn James

New #Miami Heat Fathead Team Logo Sign #NBA 12" X 8" from $7.99

New #Miami Heat Fathead Team Logo Sign #NBA 12" X 8" from $7.99

8 alternative phrases to “calm your tits” - 9GAG

This is gonna come so in handy, my mom hates when I say calm your tits, we'll get ready mom calm your bust before it combusts!

BURN - NBA Memes -

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major props to actors because if I had to act like an explosion was happening but I was just pretending in a blue room I'd feel like an idiot and forget my lines. the life of pi😢

Not sure what’s going on here. | 24 Perfectly Hilarious Basketball Pictures

Some of these are great, and some are lame, but this was clearly organized by a Lakers fan.