how to make coconut milk at home with Thermomix

Coconut Milk Recipe: make your own and save!

Much cheaper than tinned milk, ready in minutes for creamy curries, laksa, tapioca pudding, smoothies.

Thermomix mini sausage rolls

Thermomix Mini Sausage Rolls

Raw Blueberry Cheesecake

The healthiest, most outrageously delicious raw blueberry cheesecake! The perfect summer dessert. Gluten/dairy free, no refined sugar, vegan. I need to check if the boys can have cashews

Lots of finger food recipes Thermomix diaries

A hasty and not so glamourous photo, but it was a very busy morning.

Naan Bread. Thermomix Hotmixpro

Make your in The Kitchen Master. Goes great with Butter Chicken done in the Kitchen Master!