Australian Aboriginal Rain Sticks

a fabulous paper mâché sculpture lesson for us. Interactive rain sticks were an absolute hit! From the toothpick and cardboard tube construction to the Australian aboriginal-inspired end caps, we love every minute of it!

aboriginal symbols

Australian Aboriginal symbols and their meanings. I have always been interested in alphabets, symbols, and icons.

Aboriginal Dreamtime Story - Why Koala Has a Stumpy Tail

DREAMTIME: Why Koala has a Stumpy Tail, Porquois tale explains what happened to Koala's long tail.

Aboriginal Dreaming: Rainbow Serpent - YouTube

This is a dreaming story by the Windjina tribes, i made this video myself and i acknowledge the sites where i got my info from in the Credits.

song with aboriginal names for animals

The song "True Blue Wonders" celebrates the beautiful country of Australia and features the awesome sounds of a didgeridoo imitating Australian animals (played by Norm Stanley). The names of the Australian animals are sung in Indigenous languages.

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