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What happy cats must live here! Looks like the owner made this forum his/her cat(s). I did something similar years back when I had two cats but nothing this elaborate! If I made something like this now for my cat, she'd only chew it and spit out the pieces - what she likes doing to boxes.  :D

Kitteh Needs a Moat. This is a neat cat castle. It would be fun to make one for my cats sometime.

Click to see what can create for your kitty with some cardboard and a hot glue gun!

Man Builds Dragon-Shaped Cardboard House For His Cat - We Love Cats and Kittens

Coaster from cotton oddments

You may remember my "I have a new obsession" post. Well since then I have been working on more celtic designs, in particular I have continued thinking about how to make a coaster. I had given up th.