Acer platanoides 'Crimson Sentry' maple - this stunning tight growing purple leaved maple is beautiful and seems larger than it is - making it a great medium tree growing to 7 x

Plants Management Australia Pty Ltd

Plants Management Australia Pty Ltd Black scallop ajuga Frost tolerant Full sun to shade Shelter from afternoon sun

Plants Management Australia Pty Ltd

Agonis flexuosa 'Jervis Bay Afterdark' - selection of Australian willow myrtle -grows to around 18 feet tall by feet wide with a weeping habit. It has brilliant scarlet-colored new growth in spring that darkens to dark burgundy

Nandina BLUSH™

Nandina Blush™ is a compact Nandina shrub with red foliage most of the year. It's very drought, cold and humidity tolerant

Malus royal Raindrops(TM) : a beautiful purple foliage crab apple that features a gorgeous flurry of deep pink flowers.

Cordyline australis Red Sensation

Cordyline Red Sensation is a popular landscaping variety, robust and hardy, with bold earthy red shades and a formal upright growth habit. Wonderful in pots or for accent planting, it's our most popular Cordyline.

Acalypha goseffiana 'Inferno'

Acalypha goseffiana 'Inferno'

Acalypha Firestorm

A vibrant compact variety, ideal for creating impact with foliage colour. Suited to tropical gardens.

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