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50 Healthy Habits (every girl should have) - Wallpaper & Scissors

50 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have - This is a brilliant list. It's not "how to meet a standard" or "make people like you". It's literally a list of things to live a healthier life.

Tighten your bum with this workout based on the new Core Fusion: Thighs and Glutes DVD from Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito, the duo behind the Exhale Core Fusion craze. The moves may look tame,…

Do you have a budding guitarist? If you do, this no sew removable guitar strap is a great way to help them safely carry it around. It breaks away so it isn't a choking hazard.

Posted by Katie Gambone Matteo loves music. He also really, really loves guitars. Carlo has been playing his guitar for Matteo ever since he was an infant. When Matteo became mobile, he would cr…

Agate Guitar Picks | stone guitar picks | UncommonGoods

Create a closer connection with your guitar and give your music a whole new sound with this agate stone guitar pick.