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For one I have an obsession with nail polish. I always have to have my nails painted. I also love the color of the nail polish. It is by far my favorite color!

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Dude, these can double as a weapon…

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Glittery Lipsticks by M.


MAC Dazzle Lipstick for the Glitter Lovers or DIY with MAC Silver Glitter & Candy Yum Yum lipstick- we love the sparkle factor!

#glitter #makeup #brayola I really try look for glitter makeup like this but where can I find one??

Let's go out tonight. And sparkle. Let's sparkle. Let's sparkle, just you and me. And ever. We sparkle. We sparkle.

MAC #makeup

mac glitter I need this in my life!

MAC lipstick - Peachstone

Perfect nude lips - MAC lipstick in Peachstone

MAC rose gold pigment.

MAC rose gold pigment MAC pigments last FOREVER They are, well, very pigmented This color in particular is so unique and layered over the top, it changes the color of any shadow you have.


Mac eyeshadow This is the best eye shadow. Stays on all day, especially if you prime your lid first. < idk what this person was talking about but you can get this pallet from coastal scents, it's a very good dupe for the naked pallet (:

MAC <3

Mac highlight powders are so pretty