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That's because we LOVE those fictional characters, they matter to us while a test is something we don't care about but we are still forced to learn it~~

Exactly how I can remember the names, evolutions, and types of hundreds of Pokémon but not the whole periodic table


GIVE US THE BUTTON<<<stop it with the unnecessary and unwanted updates! We want the like button, the you tab, and to be able to see who else pinned something.

Commission for @flusteredkeith by rejected3 - Keith & Red

Commission for by - Keith & Red << This is so abordable 😊.

The fact that they're chibis and they have kitty ears makes this picture 8000x better! ♡

Ok this is so well drawn you have no idea holy shut they're adorable as fuck I love it

Bouncing Hinata & Nishinoya

wonderfulworldofmoi: “I enjoyed animating bouncing Hinata so much that I decided to make Noya join him. Just in case anyone wanted bouncing shorties in their dash.