Had a reeeeeeally hungry day today so have gone well over my daily points. But on the plus side it was my first session back playing netball and it was fab! The new trainers did the trick and supported the dodgy ankle. No trips or falls today! Whoop!

No need to win or lose just have lots of fun playing netball especially keep calm and play netball!

Australians love their sport and the rivalry with NZ is second to none...particularly in the netball!

Netball is my favourite sport because I get to socialize with many people and I get to learn more team dynamics and how to work well with new people and it helps me stay fit.

Lizzy Ellis at her finest. Check out that jump!

Love netball training, I usually play defence and to jump this high may get me in first team haha

Mystics' rugby-style lift has netball world abuzz

Mystics defender Anna Harrison being hoisted in the air to repel a goal-bound shot in yesterday's ANZ Championship game came as a shock to most - but not Dawn Jones.

#healthysportsister2013 Get back to netball practice

I like playing netball - not! I LOVE playing netball!

I love the netball - especially if the Melbourne Vixens are playing

I love the netball - especially if the Melbourne Vixens are playing

netball court - many a freezing Saturday spent at the netball courts.

All weather tennis/netball court - run North-South (master plan)

Little kids geting ready to play netball how Cute

Started Netball when I was 6 yrs old, the first game we ever played we won 12 - Stopped playing at

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