salted carmel cheesecake

The Modern Apron: Menus, Methods and Musings: Desserts: Salted Caramel Cheesecake (Updated with A Note on Salt) YUUUMM! it's said to be the best dessert ever.

Cannelle et Vanille: Chocolate and Pistachio Mousse Cakes

Chocolate and Pistachio Mousse Cakes - Yummy! Lots of steps, but nothing too difficult and everything very well explained. I'm not big on pistachio but she has a white chocolate mousse recipe that would be wonderful with the dark chocolate cakes

Masterchef extreme brownies

Recipe MasterChef 'Extreme Brownies' Recipe by Thermomix in Australia - Recipe of category Baking - sweet

What a gorgeous Thermomix lemon meringue pie. Perfect meringue recipe...

Thermomix Lemon Meringue Pie

This unforgettable Thermomix lemon meringue pie is the ultimate dessert for sweets lovers. The meringue recipe is perfect and the lemon tastes super tangy.

caramel mud cake with toffee cream

caramel mud cake with toffee cream (recipe from Thermomix Birthday Card my normal recipe from taste converted to thermomix : )